takagi t k3 tankless water heater


Takagi's smallest, most versatile and most powerful residential model. Connect up to four units to meet the demands of even the largest homes!

Safety, quality and service are the cornerstones of Takagi's success. We have been making tankless water heaters since 1952 worldwide. Tankless Water Heaters · Flash T -KJr · Flash T - K3 -SP · Flash T - K3 -OS · Flash T - K3 · Flash T -H1 T -H2 Contractor Rebate Program. View. T -H2 Contractor Rebate Program

Buy Takagi Tankless Hot Water Heaters . TK3 , TK3OS, TM1, TKJr on demand water heaters for potable hot water .

Takagi T - K3 ( TK3 ) low emissions tankless water heater delivers up to 257 gallons of hot water per hour (when raising the water temperature by 77°: From 58°

The Takagi Flash T - K3 is the tankless water heater that delivers 258 The Takagi TK3 tankless water heater , taking up only 2.2 cubic feet of space,

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